PKI – Your expert for cutting procedures

We continuously improve and develop our manufacturing processes and methods to the highest standards.

We are at our customer’s disposal and support our customers as the experts of CNC cutting, and specialise in the manufacture and production of
  • series parts ready for installation
  • large, medium and small series
  • as well as1 prototypes, spare parts and single parts
Our business activities also focus on
  • the design and construction of devices
  • consulting on technical and engineering matters
  • effective quality management
We offer you superior quality standards, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and expert advice, complemented by consistent adherence to delivery dates and flexibility.

PKI- Your expert and system supplier in terms of cutting procedures – We think the future


Quality is our top priority in our production facilities. We implement even the most demanding precision requirements by our state-of-the-art machinery, effective equipment and highly qualified staff.


We offer in-depth expert knowledge for the implementation of complex manufacturing processes and put our experts at your disposal. Our experience gained over many years ensures that we manufacture cost-effectively.


We will gladly work alongside you to support you in the development of products and the construction of prototypes. Our strengths include innovative manufacturing methods, our in-house CAD design and the construction of devices.